Bagrati, Promete, Gelati, Sataflia Tour
detailed information

price per person: 120  GEL

location: imereti

length: 1 day

departure time: 08:00:00

departure location: Holiday Lux Batumi

water: +

food: -

guide: +

tour description
Prometheus cave is located near the Georgian town of Tskhaltubo, 20 km away from Kutaisi in Imereti region in the West of the country. Prometheus is the biggest cave in Georgia. Although only one tenth is open for tourists, it takes about an hour to explore it. Inside there are underground lakes and rivers. Tourists may can choose between walking tours along the 1600 meters route, and the boat ride along the underground river. Visitors are amazed with breathtaking views of stalactites and stalagmites , all of which are spectacularly highlighted by one of the most amazing feature of the place – an underground light system filled with LED lights. BAGRATI TEMPLE was built in Kutaisi, in the reign of Bagrat III as the main palace of the kingdom, and was consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in 1003. There was crowned David IV the Builder. During the attack of the Turks in 1691 gunpowder explosion destroyed the roof and dome of the cathedral and they were not reconstructed since then. In 1994, the temple was included in the list of UNESCO heritage. The temple was rebuilt in 2012. The ornament and bas-reliefs of Bagrati Cathedral are similar to filigree work of ancient jewelers. Gelati is a medieval monastic complex near Kutaisi, in the Imereti region of western Georgia. A masterpiece of the Georgian Golden Age, Gelati, was founded in 1106 by King David IV of Georgia and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. On the territory of the reserve Sataplia there are very rare traces of predatory and herbivorous dinosaurs in the world. These traces are considered as a mystery because no one can understand how they remained so accurately and how they were created in two layers. Five karst caves are located there, but only one is open for visitors which is 300 meters. Cave is not long, but interesting. There is also the viewing platform which is made from glass and it really impressive. And at last, the value of the reserve is its old Colchis wood with 70 types.